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Any event, any need, any time. You’ll see the ideal escort within minutes calling. Dancers for bachelor parties. Chaperons for personal needs. Deliveries for Birthday presents. Escorts for the company picnic. Find the best girls for every job. Bringing you the past, not the future of Las Vegas escort services. Some things are best when […]

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I’m pretty sure anyone who is familiar with Las Vegas probably is a tiny bit familiar with the Rio’s ‘Show in the Sky’. If not, the show has been taking place in the Rio Hotel in Casino since 1997. The show is Mardi Gras themed, and consists of multiple neon, mechanical floats that ‘float’ through […]

Always With Something to Match The clothing industry is always booming with the latest trends and up dates as to what is ‘in’ this season. As if we all actually really, really care right? Have any of you ever actually looked at the clothing on the fashion models in magazines? Personally, I’d have no idea […]

All it takes to prove my point is a quick stroll through any locals casino, grocery store, 7-11, or laundromat. Take a good look at the faces sitting in front of those machines. Not one of them are joyful. In fact, this is the most miserable group of losers you have ever seen. Every one […]

Every day in Vegas is not only an adventure, it’s also a test. This is especially true when public drinking and weekend long parties are the norm. There are lots of temptations waiting to present themselves to every unsuspecting visitor. But what’s even harder is being a full time resident. It’s so easy to lose […]

Hello to all my special, and loyal readers. You know, once in a while I sit down to write something interesting and nothing happens. I mean nothing enters my brain in the way of ideas for articles. I’m afraid this may have been one of those times, but see for yourself. These are just a […]

You know I am not much of a nightlife girl unless I’m working. Which is most every night. So when I do get a free night to relax I don’t usually want to hit any part of the “Strip”. I definitely like to stay local and chill out in my own neighborhood anyway on nights […]

Summer heat in Vegas means daytime pool parties and hot bodies. One of the best in town is Bare at The Mirage. Luxury salt water pools with European style sun bathing. Rehab, on the other hand is much more Rock n Roll. Here at the Hard Rock you will see the most beautiful people from […]