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All it takes to prove my point is a quick stroll through any locals casino, grocery store, 7-11, or laundromat. Take a good look at the faces sitting in front of those machines. Not one of them are joyful. In fact, this is the most miserable group of losers you have ever seen. Every one of them are slouched over, chain smoking, pale as ghosts, and stuffing every last penny into a robot that eats cash and shits nothing.

As a part time adult entertainer I am presented with offers of party favors and temptations to gamble every day. At first, I would give in often and indulge. The thinking was that as long as I was going to be up all night, why not make it worth the trouble? And sometimes it would help the night to go faster. Trust me, it’s damn hard to communicate with a room full of drunk guys and not be drinking yourself. Other times I would be with friends who are buying $500 bottles at an exclusive spot. When cocktails turn into bottles, over indulgence is almost guaranteed. This was all fun for a while, but I started to notice that rolling out of bed the next morning was getting harder. And sometimes the bed I was rolling out of wasn’t mine! Then I started to notice my personal responsibilities and chores were no longer getting done. But when my money started disappearing I knew the only solution was to pull my head out of my ass and gain control of my actions and thoughts.

Changing bad habits, as I quickly learned, happens in a split second. Desire for a healthier life has now led me to one of the most successful and rewarding periods of time in my life.

Failure is not a geographic affliction where Las Vegas is concerned. Failure only comes from weak character, poor self control, and a refusal to use the brain that you were blessed with to lead you to your dreams.
Las Vegas is a mysterious lady who rewards all who respect her wishes. But lose your mind and rub her the wrong way? She will burn you like trash and leave you to die in the desert.


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