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Every day in Vegas is not only an adventure, it’s also a test. This is especially true when public drinking and weekend long parties are the norm.

There are lots of temptations waiting to present themselves to every unsuspecting visitor. But what’s even harder is being a full time resident. It’s so easy to lose everything, including your mind, if not kept aware of the dangers that await the resident who dare act like a tourist. Time is easily lost in a blur of free drinks and grocery store gaming machines.

Although, for the cautious Las Vegan, this can be one of the best cities in the world. This is especially true for the folks living in Henderson. This is a beautiful town just east of Vegas that boasts the most public parks per resident. The Pavilion Arts and recreation Center is an outstanding facility with free shows that feature celebrities and authors performing on stage. The best part of Henderson though, in this author’s opinion, is the District at Green Valley Ranch. This area is like a small town in and of itself.

But as family friendly and exciting as these places may be, getting caught up as a regular gambler or drinker will bring these perks and niceties to a screeching halt. I’ve seen plenty of decent family men accidentally win a couple thousand dollars while passing by a video poker machine in the local 7-11. Then watched in amazement as that same lucky bastard loses every penny of the couple thousand, plus every penny in his bank account, plus every penny he could borrow from every resource imaginable. Finally he loses his family when they pack up and drive back back to from where they came. Leaving the former hero of the family struggling for motel fare and buffet coupons. Lots of people have lived on the free popcorn at Slots O’ Fun.

You see, even though everything under the sun is possible and available in Las Vegas, moderation and self control is essential. Not every beer offered must be consumed every night. Not every line needs to be snorted until it’s gone. And not every spare dollar needs to be run through an electronic machine in hopes of transforming one dollar into three.

Success really comes from staying healthy and enjoying clean entertainment at least 80% of the time. The trick is to survive for years, not to burn out in months. There is a lot of money to be made by the hustler who is sharp and in control. Let the impulsive morons spend all their capital, drink till they puke, and spend all their daylight hours in bed. It’s the disciplined resident who will claim the biggest jackpots for sure.


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