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The clothing industry is always booming with the latest trends and up dates as to what is ‘in’ this season. As if we all actually really, really care right? Have any of you ever actually looked at the clothing on the fashion models in magazines? Personally, I’d have no idea in hell how to wear over half the clothing they do… and plus, what occasion would you really need to wear most of that shit to?

That’s completely besides the point I’m trying to make though. So I’m sure we can agree that some of the model clothing trends might not be so hot for everyone. People may seem to shy away from some of these ‘fashion statements’, but always seem to go for accessories. Who doesn’t? Everyone wants something to match their something-or-other. Whether it be the gaudy jewelry of a Jewish wife, or a $14 piece of crap boy band pendant treasured by a preteen girl, there’s an accessory for everyone.

That is where ‘Accessories the Show2013′ comes into play. Anyone assuming that this is a convention completely and thoroughly dedicated to accessories by the name, is correct. Accessories the Show comes to the Las Vegas Strip the 17th of this month until the 19th, and takes place in the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino.

The 2,000 expected attendees will be welcomed by the many showcases to check out. Business owners can mingle and exchange ideas with other owners, as well as observe the vast inventory they present.

Either way, I’m sure any good business owner in the clothing industry understands the value and popularity of accessories. So whether or not accessories appeal to you, Accessories the Show is going to be in town soon. Give it a try! Especially if you are in fact, a business owner. If not, suit yourself. If not, you might just miss out on the show of your life, as well as snagging up some cool new accessories for whatever may come.


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