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Escorts services are advertised freely in Las Vegas; walk down the Vegas Strip and you will not be disappointed. Despite the constant advertising of escort services and the girls in such flyers looking like sex dolls, you will never see words like “sex” or “prostitute” on the said flyers, despite the fact that the flyers do feature nude women frequently. Those passing the flyers around even do so with police officers looking on and not making any arrest. As a tourist coming to Las Vegas for the first time, you need to know that prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, but escort service is legal. However, you may not know this because you are new here.

Important points to note

Even if the adverts do not use the word “sex,” this does not mean that you will not have all the satisfactions you can ever dream of when you are in the company of the girls in your hotel room. Since these adverts do not use the explicit word, the girls can hide under the cover of escort services to perform sexual acts when with you. As hinted earlier, prostitution is considered a criminal act in Las Vegas; anyone caught perpetrating the act, including anyone paying for the act, can be slammed with a fine, given a criminal record or even given a jail term on conviction.

The flyers can be deceptive, but a tourist needs to read between the lines to understand that prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, even if the girls perform a sexual act for you as compensation. So, when next you visit Las Vegas, never make the mistake of mixing prostitution with escort service; it might land you in jail.


The Clark County, for example, regulates escorts services, and that should show you that the service is completely legal. Several other Counties also have similar regulations for escort services. As far as the law is concerned, the escort only accompanies or consorts with you for hire; the services can be delivered either in public or private settings. Any other thing that takes place in the course of her consorting with you is of little importance to the authorities. To buttress the legality of escort services in Las Vegas, the girls are mandated to bear work cards and also get licensed, which should show you that escorts are considered as registered professionals here.


Despite the freedom accorded escorts services in Las Vegas, their advertisements are highly regulated; this is why you will never see words like “prostitute” or “sex” in their adverts. The advert may go as far as showing women dressed in lingerie, semi-nude or even nude; the advert may also say the woman will come to your hotel room, but they will never write anything like “sex” in the said advert. Though the escorts can carry out any sexual act when they are in a private place with you, the authority must never know of this. If the authority gets wind of an escort girl performing any form of the sexual act, such a girl can end up facing criminal charges and can also lose her license.

The police authority in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, runs several sting operations to fish out those girls that give sex in the course of providing escort services. In the course the sting operations, they can also detect tourists asking escorts for sex and prosecute them. A female police officer may pose as an escort, and she will arrest any tourist asking for sex. So, when next you find yourself in Las Vegas, and you need the services of an escort, you should keep all that had been discussed in mind.


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