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Escort service or an escort agency is a company, which offers the escort to the clients, and this is normally for sexual reasons. The agency will arrange the meeting between a client and chosen escort girls to the hotel room or to the house of the customer. The meeting can also take place at the residence of the escort. There are agencies that offer escort for a long period to stay with a client or to go to a long business or holiday trip. The agency will be paid because of this booking, but it is a customer who negotiates with an escort about extra arrangement and additional fee for additional service.

What it is involved into escort service?

Escort agency says that they offer escorts for conversational and social service and not for sexual reasons. The reason to say this is because prostitution is illegal and it is not allowed to take the payment in exchange of having sex. The advertisement for the escort agency understands how to work around the law and they never advertise that they are offering sexual or prostitution service.
Escort agency often gets workers by putting an employment advertisement in newspaper and magazine. There are agencies that deal with only a certain type of the escorts. You can find the escort that offer female to female, female to male and male to male escorts. Some escorts agencies also have trans gender and transsexual escorts.

What it makes escort service different to prostitution

Many people may think that escorting is the same as prostituting but there is a huge difference. Even if at some level this can be true, you have to know that escorting is normally hired for entertainment reason only. When a person approaches a prostitute, it will be only for sexual reason. However, this is not the same as escorting. Handsome men and beautiful women who get hired to offer companionship offer escort service.

Escort is someone who has to accompany people to different places. However, the true is that some escorts also offer sex in exchange of extra money. In comparison to prostitutes, escorts are classy and they have to be paid more. The escorts get hired to follow people around and to offer sexual benefits. A prostitute will be paid only to offer sex and they cannot take someone somewhere.

Escort service is legal but prostitution is illegal. The prostitute has to do sexual acts in order to get money; however, this is not legal. The escort offers companionship and if she is paid, it is for companionship and not for sex even if it can happen. This is the reason why escort service is considered to be legal.
Escorts work as any other professional. When you hire an escort, you will have to book for her service before sometime from her or from the escort agency. However, a prostitute may be hired at once from the brothel and streets. A person who wants a prostitute has limited choice, but the one who approach escort service; he will have an escort to fulfill his desire. Women are safer when they work as escorts, but they are not so if they work as prostitutes.


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